We design and develop SOFTWARE
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Human centered Software design and implementation that aims at solving a problem with ease

Our Process

We use the following steps to understand a problem, design and develop a custom solution to address the challenge.

Knowing the problem

Before we write any code, we take time to understand the problem and even be there to experience it.

Develop an MVP

Minimum Viable Product is a step after passing a mock-up. An actual solution is developed with focus on main functionalities.

Conduct User testing

After deploying an MVP, we monitoriand collect user feedback to measure the impact of the solution.

Design a quick mock-up

After understanding the problem we design a quick mockup that aims at simulating what the final product will solve. It helps us see if anything was left before.

Deploy an MVP

Deploy a full solution with only main functionalities. A Minimum Viable Product helps us focus on few things hence deliver a pilot solution fast.

Address issues

From the user feedback, we address the crucial issues and keep on developing and adding new features. Support and maintenance also follows